What is the difference between a discovery call and the initial consultation?

The discovery call is the first step to hiring a designer. Typically you will schedule a discovery call to see if they are a fit for your project. These calls last for about 15 minutes.  The designer will ask you about your project, timeline, expectations, and needs.  This is your time to ask about their processes and what to expect from them.  Can I ask them what color will look good in my bathroom? Um...no.  They haven't seen your bathroom yet.  Slow down now.  It is a process.  I am happy you are ready to get started though. Getting a good vibe?  Maybe this is the designer of your dreams?  SO..... what's next?

After the call you would want to schedule an initial consultation.  These can last an hour or two depending on the designer.  This is where you discuss your areas that you would like completed.  The designer will walk through their procedures and give you ideas on your space as well. Now, can I ask about the bathroom paint color?  Yes...yes you can.  

After the consultation, your designer will let you know what your scope of work would be to continue with the designer or maybe give you a few ideas to complete your project on your own.  No hard feeling because about 80% of our business comes from people who wanted to do it on their own and then realize how much work it takes to complete the project.  Just saying :)  A designer saves you time and money in the long run because they will get it right for you the first time.

You love them, they love you, so now what?  Now your designer will let you know the scope of work it will take to complete your project.  From there you can decide to move forward.  A contract will be presented with all of those pesky rules.  READ IT CAREFULLY!!!  This is to protect you and your designer, but ALWAYS know what you are signing.  The designer will ask for a retainer, and there you go.  

Tune in for the next entry where I lay out the design process.


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