So...What is the Design Process and How does it Work?

You signed the contract, paid the retainer, and your project magically appears, right?  Um...Rome wasn't built in a day.  

First Stage- Designing

Information Gathering- Measurements, photographs; we ask questions to find out what you want and don’t want.  One House call lasting a few hours.

Design Work- We take the information back to our office and create the floor plans, research materials, and prepare a presentation.  2-3 weeks to prepare the presentation.   

Presentation- We present our plan complete with drawings, mood boards, suggested materials and products. This can be done in person, or via computer with phone follow up. Together, we come up with the best option from the choices presented, with your input being a necessary key.  You are the driver, we are just holding the map.  If the project requires renovations, we will help identify contractors (unless you already have someone).         

Pricing Quotes- From the selections made at the presentation, we will price the products to give an accurate price quote.  From here we decide what you are ready to order. Can take up to a week to compile prices.

Are we there yet?  Nope... Part two coming up....

Second Stage- Procurement

Ordering Products- Furniture and accent pieces are ordered through R. Frierson Interiors unless otherwise specified.  Invoices are paid in full to place orders.  When we handle your orders, we write up the PO, track items and handle deliveries, which includes being on hand to ensure all is correct and placement is perfect. Orders will take anywhere from 4-10 weeks for delivery

Managing Work- We may oversee construction work, if any, to see that it is on schedule and assist with details, if needed. 

And last but not least....  The best part....


Timeline- Each project will vary but the basic plan of when things are installed are in this general order:
              Window Treatments
A furniture delivery truck shows up and everything is put in place.  You can't be there though because it is a surprise!  You don't want to ruin that do you????

Voila! - You see your space, you cry, we cry, everyone cries except the delivery people who want to get out of there after lifting all of that stuff.

Well...that is the process in a nut shell.  Any questions?


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